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to Track, Manage and Communicate with your Customers

Passfee makes it Fast to Record Customer to Sessions, Track who is Outstanding , which Pass/Fee they are on, Manage Sessions and Send Email Notification.

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Track CustomerCustomer Attendance
Record customers against session and Passfee will track what Pass/fee that the customer is on, how many sessions left and if they are outstanding. Notes can be assigned against customers and staff are notified of them when they record customers. You can also record session, payment using your mobile phone.
Automatic Notifications are emailed to customer when their Pass/Membership Expires or when a certain number of sessions they have left. Customise them so customers can renew themselves online.
Manage Outstanding
Tracking who is owing money is important to any business. Passfee allows you to quickly send fee reminders with the ability for customers to pay online, record payment arrangements and set follow up dates. You can also see when a customer last attended, all from one simple screen.
Publish an up to date calendar of your sessions on a week to week basis on your website. Include who is taking them and any notes. Also make people aware when you may not have sessions due to holidays etc. This can embed into your website or your Wordpress blog.
Purchases & Bookings Online
If you're running a Course or Workshop, you can have your customer check availability, Book and Pay Online. Also let customer purchase Passes/Fees/Membership online so they have nothing to worry about at you next session.
How many customers did you have this month and how does this compare to the same month the year before than and before that. What was the total number of Passes/Fees did you sell and what was the average number of customer turn up to your sessions. Passfee has reports like these and many more.
Location Map
As part of Passfee single page website, you can embed a Google map with the location of your sessions on your website. This is great when you offer sessions in a number of locations.

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